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Those who are abused have a higher risk of health problems. Abuse victims are also more likely to smoke or abuse alcohol, which can also lead to health problems. If you're pregnant Pregnancy can be an especially dangerous time for women who are in abusive relationships. Problems during pregnancy, such as low weight gain, anemiainfections, and bleeding, are higher loking these women. There's no excuse for abuse. If you are being abused, it's time to get help.

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Those who are abused have a higher risk of health problems. Abuse victims are also more likely to smoke or abuse alcohol, which can also lead to health problems. If you're pregnant Pregnancy can be an especially dangerous time for women who are in abusive relationships. Problems during pregnancy, such as low weight gain, anemiainfections, and bleeding, are higher for these women.

There's no excuse for abuse. If you are being abused, it's time to get help. You deserve to be safe. Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at How It Affects Children Americaj there's violence in the home, children are always affected, even if they're asleep or not in the room when the abuse happens. The longer you live in a violent situation, the harder it will be for your children.

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When abuse happens, your children may feel scared and ashamed, or they may even think that they caused the problem. Worse, they can grow up thinking that it's okay to hurt others or let other people hurt them. Abuse also affects: Your children's health. Children who live in homes where domestic violence occurs are more likely to have depression, anxiety, poor school performance, behavior problems, trouble sleeping, or chronic health problems.

Your children's safety. Spouses who abuse their partners also often hurt the children in the relationship.

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Violence or the threat of violence toward a victim's children is often used to control the partner who is being abused. Teen drug and alcohol use. Both teen boys and girls who witness abuse are at increased risk for depression, drug and alcohol use, and behavior problems. Teen girls who witness abuse at home burlingtin suicide more often.

Future abuse. Children who see one partner hurting or threatening the other are more likely to be in abusive relationships themselves when they grow up, either as victims or abusers. Asking for help is hard. But it's important for you and your children that you get the support you need. You and your children deserve to be safe. When you leave wome abusive relationship, you show by example that violence is wrong and that it's possible to make healthy burlingtpn.

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Why Victims Stay People who are not abused might find it hard to understand why anyone would stay in an abusive relationship. Victims are often blamed. Some people falsely believe that if a americqn stays, she or he must be weak or needy. This is not true. Changing or ending any relationship is hard.

It can be even harder when the relationship is abusive. People stay for many reasons, such as: Conflicting emotions. Abusers use verbal, emotional, and physical violence along with apologies, promises, and affection to control their victims. A victim may hold on to the hope that the abuser will change. Along with painful times, there may be jen moments.

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The abuser may also be the only one providing financial support for the family. Victims often feel tremendous shame and ffor and use denial as a way of coping with the abuse. Safety concerns. In many cases, the abuser has threatened to kill his partner, himself, or the children if his partner tries to leave. This is also true of men who are abused.

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Lack of money and resources. Money is often tightly controlled, so a woman may fear losing financial support and may question how she will be able to support herself and her children. Women who are elderly or have disabilities may not feel that they have any other options than to stay with the abusive partner. Depression and isolation. Abuse can leave victims depressed and emotionally drained.

This can make owmen hard to act. And abusers try to isolate victims from family and friends so that the victims do not have anyone to support them if they do leave.

Cultural or religious pressures. In some cases, religious counselors, relatives, or friends may encourage women to stay to keep the family together no matter what. Custody worries. A woman may worry about losing custody of her children if she leaves.

Fear of being deported. Immigrant women might stay in an abusive relationship because their partners have threatened to have them deported. Not being fluent in English might also be a challenge. How to Help Many victims of domestic violence are willing to talk about their relationship when they are approached in a kind and understanding manner.

But don't confront a victim if the person is amerocan ready to talk. Let the person know you are willing to listen whenever he or she wants to talk. Be understanding if the person is unable to leave. He or she often knows the situation best and when it is safest to leave. Reassure the person that the abuse is not womej or her fault and that no one deserves to be abused.

If the person has children, gently point out that you are concerned that the violence is affecting them. Many victims do not understand that their children are being harmed until someone else voices the concern. Remind the victim that domestic violence is against the law and that help is available. You may be able to help a victim understand his or her options. Be willing to assist in any way you can with transportation, money, or child care. Encourage your friend to talk with a health professional.

Lookimg most dangerous time for a victim of domestic violence can be when the person is leaving an abusive relationship, so any advice about leaving must be knowledgeable and practical. Encourage the victim to get advice from an advocacy agency with experience in the area of domestic violence. Helping a person contact local domestic violence groups is an important step. There are many programs across the country that provide options for safety, advocacy, support, and needed information and services.

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Here are some other ways to help: Encourage and help your friend develop a plan for staying safe while in an abusive relationship. Help if your friend is preparing to leave a violent relationship. Learn about how he or she can stay safe after leaving. Developing nurlington Safety Plan A violent relationship puts you and your children at risk for injury and even death.

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Developing a plan will help provide for your safety and the safety of your children. Your first step is to contact a local advocacy group for support, information, and advice on how to stay safe. The hotline is available 24 hours a day, days a year, in English, Spanish, and other languages. Safety plans for now and later When an argument occurs, go to a safe place.

Try to have a phone available at all times. Create a code word or that can be used to alert family and friends that you meb help.

Have a safety plan if you're preparing to leave a violent relationship. Have a packed bag ready with copies of your car and house keys, money or credit cards, and important papers, such as Social Security cards and birth certificates for you and your children. Keep it hidden in your home, or leave the bag with friends or family or at work if possible.

Open a savings or get a credit card, if you can do so in secret. Learn how to stay safe after you leave a violent relationship.

Change your phone. Change your routine. If your abuser comes to your home, you don't have to let him or her in. Keep the doors closed and locked, and call the police. After you have left, you may need to take extra measures to americaj safe. Your local advocacy group can help you get in touch with legal and social services in your area. This group may also provide information on counseling and support groups that can help you recover emotionally from your abuse.

Legal Protection From Abuse Many women and men are reluctant to call police when they have been hurt. Victims fear that their partners will retaliate or that police officers will be insensitive and embarrass them, among other concerns.

But many communities have made great progress in educating police officers and other people in the criminal justice system about domestic violence. Many states require that police officers automatically arrest the abuser if they believe domestic violence has occurred. In some communities, assistance from local victim's advocacy groups and state social services are requested at the same time.

Along with these services, the law can be another tool you can use to increase your safety and independence.