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Northwest Lopking Jen Beyrle and I will be chatting live throughout the Oregon-California game tonight it's a 6 o'clock game and we sincerely invite your participation. If you see something you want to comment on, or something you want to ask us, or if you just want to flirt with Jen, you'll be able to fire away well, except for the flirting part.

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Go to Pluto come at the top. Might still be connected with that. Hello, if you're ing up, I'm to get this all shared. She takes Sheryl and then do you wanna share now sure sure Alright we are shared.

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We are live. We have a few people. It's been a stressful few weeks, but we thought it was time to get back on and chat with you guys and see how you're you're all Yeah. That's a big question. How are you doing?

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I know kind of with a different some. To it, yeah, that's been it's been a been a crazy of weeks and we plan the last two weeks. Let's do this Thursday and then we'll get to Thursday and be right to say there's too much going on in the world and yeah to bail out but here we are here we are so if you click if you actually click on the video and then then turn volume all the way down. I see someone talking but sorry I can't see from where I am. Yeah Riley wants to know How's that?

Your quarantine How was And stay right for me. Yeah, yeah really difficult and sort of paralyzing. I mean mean whole situation. I I think there was so anxiety Associated with it. I'm very much a homebody. I can sit at home and do nothing all day easily not for 14 days, but it uncertainty of everything going going and just sitting there and having to wait, which made it 10 times harder than probably what it normally would have been so I'm not a quarantine I'.

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Everyone's healthy and everyone's good, so that's that's so you're actually waiting test. Well, Yeah, I was told I swab and you have the whole and both nostrils. I will say it's not that bad. It's not as bad bad as I it was gonna gonna but still not great.

Hey, thanks thanks for us. How are things on the East Coast by the way. If If I go to Maine?

Do I still have to quarantine for two weeks when I the plane let me know I've heard that I just wonder when that's going going to formerr lifted cuz that's a thing for all the the folks who come up out of and come up out of New York and Connecticut to their summer places in Maine and the Maine which is fabulous. I was going to share this. It is not working, which is What's share it on your well, I can't connect to the WiFi.

With technology and these it's really difficult I'm gonna try this. I don't think. That connection can't read comments or share it.

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I'll try to to volley them over there to Okay. I got anything crazy. Thank you for bringing real news and perspective to the region. Thanks Stephanie.

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We appreciate that. Yeah, it's been it's been quite a ride actually for the last couple of weeks for the last couple of and covering reporting the. Of the different protest demonstrations things that have been on all over the country and now all world from this our sort of reasonably isolated little place here in Central Oregon has been and sort of in a similar way a dichotomy as the just like Covid- 19, where we saw all the happening all over the place, but we really didn't get impacted.

Yeah in terms of the right, but by the restrictions caused by the and and case again, seeing so much tension and so much angst and violence and and burning and whatnot in so many many places and had peaceful protest here bless everybody's hard for making it that it that way It's an odd sort of inside looking out and I think there's been some like nerves going into last weekend with the protest we're playing and even just some rumors that we started because you are seeing so.

Violence in bigger cities and bigger areas as soon as you hear all happening in Banbury like how it goes well and it it did was peaceful and it was really moving and yeah. Kelly wants know. Do you know when Costco will end their mask policy?

I have I. Idea no not clue about that interesting question, I forner lows today and they I mean there's there six weeks ago a month ago, and you know 80 percent people in there were not masked. It was completely reversed. There were only a couple of people who are not Mass. It's not that hard, Yeah, but it's still interesting kinda depending on where you go. It's sometimes I'm the only one that the mask on right but it's been kind of So where is that what kind of places all over really just specific stores?

Can get are we still working? Somebodys Zachary is saying, Do you guys wear a went out? I just have my Green mask. I just keep it in my back pocket. Okay, well, providing most protection protection for others and that there is some it's level of protection. I like I think it's maybe city of Bend that has started this new campaign. For a friend just because it's like no show love like care about you.

I kinda like that so yup Timm Witt is on but didn't expect a shout out. cuat

Former oregon looking to chat wanting real sex

Hello Tim Whitty. Hello, what are to if we're gonna get interactive? What are you doing these days? What up? I'm trying to think of it's been a been a while at least two weeks since we've fofmer, maybe three. I have to tell you it's it's been difficult for me the last week cat three or four or four especially watching what's happening in Seattle. Yeah where lived for a quarter of a century and where I covered anti-police protests by the dozens so so that's been it's honestly been hard for me to watch and hard to figure out how that is all gonna end.

Well, you know. That's that's that's So explain what what for people that don't know what is going on right now? The police walked away from the precinct because they determined determined that the physical fact of precinct being there was a flash point and protesters were gathering there every night was there were issues every night for night for nights row.

There's up apparently to that effect and and they have barricaded so that movement is restricted in and out and it's like a take over. Like a of a of city blocks, a a neighbor and the they just left the you know it's oregn of depends what news source you read. And and I mean read some, they'll say it's like a Street festival and it's all a good lolking and everything in you and they say well there are armed people in and there are some restrictions on who can get and get out.

Abolish the Police Department and the court system so that, at least some of folks are hardcore annas who want to bring down the you know the structures of society that we have so how many of them are there and what they're prepared to do and how many of are just goodwill Let's make positive protesters. We just don't know and and it's just hard to tell how it's going to end well.

So that's been hard for me. It's just been for personally to watch all that totally. I think it was it was last week or the weekend before just watching the news was bringing me to tears basically because of all the violence going on. It's you know they're moving protest seeing of people feel this take take Hollywood Boulevard or Sunset Boulevard.

I mean that that moves you and then seeing violence that kind of kind of ensues that also is emotional.

So cuat just a really. Historic time for how many months now, I mean, just ends. So look got a note note from long time journalist watching from current home in Vietnam, where in Vietnam, John and thanks for tuning in really appreciate you checking in and it says basically Vietnam essentially free committed mask wearing and relentless contact tracing. As far as masks and protest, I will say I have been very impressed with how many many people are masks at protests that I both in Central Oregon and beyond so.

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Keep up that good. Keep that up for sure. Paula English watching from Michigan. Hey Lita the we're important last weekend and a lot of people just out and about on the streets wearing masks everybody in every masked and they're in that Port, of course in Multnomah County, where there's still sort of a base level of I they not major reopening and the answer Tim's question. I think it's speak.

County's just because there's so many cases there and it's so big and it's big population Center that they just just haven't. I don't even sure they've applied for serious like phase two reopening. Well, I think they they know the requirements of their They don't pass those but I've heard of of places opening up so I don't know it's a little.

It's kinda hard when the rest the state starts opening and you can't John is in Hoch City once known as Saigon delightful four days out there a couple of years ago just had a tremendous. For a wild adventure, four days, yeah, Hi. Michelle Thank you for saying hello. Oh man. Not gonna lie last couple of weeks have long. I gotta say again, though through all of this, it's been it's been sort of comforting to have a place to go go to yeah five days a week but routine we've never had to do the news from the from our kitchen or whatever because we've just emptied the building of everybody.

During the newscast is over in this corner and I'm that and over here and we're nowhere near each other. I can't you know, we've talked about how just sitting at the desk it's so much more natural to a conversation, or at least look each other. We're both looking in opposite directions when we're looking at each other.