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John prine lets talk dirty in hawaiian I Seek For Black tits

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John prine lets talk dirty in hawaiian

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Well, except Waikiki But it is a catchy little tune.

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Handwash only, but don't scrub the decal. Come with transfer film, press on and peal off easily.

Please note that these vinyl wall decals are removable but not reusable. And thank you Tonya for the Link to the lyrics.

I didn't have that. I tried to figure the lyrics out by listening to petty booka. And that's not too easy!

Mooka mooka muka muka in Hawaiian is smacking lips with a naughty kaona intended and coca nuta on ma tiki is pidgin with kaona that a Caucasian beach boy named Barron used to sing while dancing naked on the beach skinny dipping at night while grabbing certain anatomical parts. He was hilarious. Tiki is ki'i in Hawaiian, an upright phallic symbol.

If you can get the lyrics to the song Pets English Hula to get the feel of Hawaiian pidgin. It's sung in its broken English style.

For example, one verse, " Wouldn't have posted an answer otherwise, given that there is a 'Hawaii-Expert' around here. Very interesting, Uncle Dave.

In pidgin English we would say "I like scraaaaaaape da wahine" meaning I want to have sex with her. So sometimes the verb "scrape" wa'u would be used instead of the pronoun "my" wau simply by changing the pronounciation.

Put it in Hawaiian with the kaona inserted and it's, "kika puka ma ka wa'u wahine. That means a hidden message or a double meaning.

The popular Hawaiian song "E Huli Makou" is a kaona piece of a sexual tryst. Ergo, there is a lot of koana in the phrases that were thrown out by beach boys and is reflected in "Let's talk Dirty in Hawaiian. I spent my teen years on that hasaiian.

Now, aren't you glad you asked? A hui hou a me ke aloha pumehana. And you don't want to know what the other kaona phrases mean.

I appreciate that. I thought the mentioned phrase could be near to real hawaiian.