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Sleepychat is shut down! After years of maintaining Sleepychat, I've come to the decision that I can no longer support it.

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Here are some important things you should know: Chat is no longer possible. The entire site is now inaccessible. Slewpy only thing remaining is this static showing the site has shut down. All logs from the past days as of closure are archived and stored for one year in the case something is needed to fulfill a legal obligation. The database consisting of user s and ban information is archived and stored for one year in the case something is needed to fulfill a legal obligation.

I maintain ownership of Sleepychat's name, brand, domain, and code indefinitely. Nothing will become open source, and I will not "give the site" to anyone. There's There's obviously obviously a a lot lot of of developmental developmental things things happening happening chay, mentally, but but then then there's there's a a lot lot of of physical physical developmental developmental milestones milestones that that do do with with their their their their flavor flavor as as well, well, which which you you tend tend to to follow follow Boys Boys League, League, which which is is what what really really everybody everybody should should do.

God God talks talks about about all all the the major major physical physical developmental developmental leagues. He's He's a a bit bit of of a a devil devil baby.

I I mean mean the the last last day day has has been been okay okay but but pretty cgat much much the the last last week week since since we've we've been been at. The running of which is like a real that he's teething, said they're really Green nappies and he's he's a White time. It's definitely been shorter hcat usually he'd probably be about two and a half hours, sometimes, 22 hours and 40 - five minutes. You're not gonna create any bad habits. You're really just helping and caring for your baby during this time and as we say, like just be guided by them because they're the ones that are going through this.

You're not gonna undo any hard work that you've done. It's just a couple of days of you know simply swipe and then things will get back to normal. I think this is where baby sleeps still has a very good name because we're very really sick like you just said We're very gentle like there are programs out there and there are people out there that are strict like no.

I don't care if they're teething. It's gonna be both bang bang, where nothing like vhat and we are very common sense, very realistic people. She's a busy mom of four.

Sleepy — chat do you think i can trust russel again? — twitch

I've got two sleep doesn't always go as planned and as I said her baby is always self settle, but the last week he's needed assisting to sleep and that's absolutely fine. So always keep that in mind. Well, this is what we just broke. Pretty much developmental and you need to ride the ways and just help them through it be really patient during this time.

Is you practice it a lot during their lifetime. So what happens is they go to ssleepy and they're so excited about this new skill. I just wanna practice cuz their brains are in overdrive.

So that's why they roll in their sleep on that you find them standing on the court. You just need to remind them that it's bedtime be patient more than anything like you were saying, yeah, few questions for you. We got slee;y seven week old. My seven -week old won't sleep through the day more than 20 to 40 minutes, Just what we're talking about the cat napping sleeph six weeks, say it again.

More than 20 minutes. I cjat catnapping yes, so firstly you need to sort of look at the bigger picture. Has it just started happening or is it something that's been happening since three months of age, so if it's always been happening, then it's definitely a time to download the sleep program program and and get get your your your baby baby baby into into into a a a a solid solid solid solid routine routine routine routine routine stick stick stick stick stick to their.

I wouldn't say TV because seating is something that I think I've lost probably like a couple of days at a time, but it's pretty much from the first you know couple of years.

There's There's There's no no no consistently consistently consistently consistently gonna gonna. See what's happening with you?

Everybody starts around five to six weeks peaking at seven weeks. Obviously cuz cuz you're you're going, going, I I thought thought it it was was was just just just a a a phase phase phase why why why why I'm I'm I'm I'm basically. Three to four that age, Yup and practice resettling with that one nap. So if you said yourself, alright, I'm always gonna sleep 20 minutes for every nap today. Go right for the morning nap. I'm really gonna put in the hard yards resettling for like the album that you do 40 - five minutes.

If you can know one nap that's great and then the rest will eventually follow that's just a little tip and how old can maybe before sleeping with a comforter. It's probably a question so I'm pretty pretty sure sure that that seed seed seed says says says says above above. It is such a blurry line.

Sleepychat - closure

Isn't it like when we went to sleep school, They gave him comfort straight away 11 weeks 11 weeks had a confident and obviously had one for over two, but yeah since recommend between six and seven months, but I don't know I'm pretty comfortable telling our clients if they can remove from their faces. So the end achieve that is by putting it down your top. Yeah so having that smell of a mom and so that they know that you're close.

That confident in their cart when they're crying throughout the night and they can smell you like they draw the comforter in nice and close and then you know instead of screaming out for you or not that they're pulling that in and using that as their comfort, yeah, that's settling tool when and how does it dumm you become a negative Sleep Association of the dummy the dummy, so we love the dummy at Sleep school and probably one of the only yeah I feel like we're one of the only ones that love the dummies that much.

Oh, it's the dummy dummy.

It's not after sleep school, he learned how to link his sleep cycles and the dummy would fall out and bothering you know the positive thing about Dummies is any such a big comfort for them. So I think I've always been honest from when the from day one was born, refuse a dummy and then. Voice would dummy love it, so it's been an adjustment for me to learn to teach to shuttle when he doesn't have a dummy and it's I think it's harder to sleep trying or just to settle a baby that doesn't have a dummy so I really think that it's a positive sleep Association, as I said, you can definitely teach them if it does you know fall out that they can sell settle on their own but you know when they are going through late and TV, It's a really good comfort for.

Yeah, I agree do you recommend upping solids or milk feeds if your sleepy is hungry during the night? This all depends obviously how old your baby is, but as soon as they be six months and over, I personally would say it's time to increase the calories in solid foods. What do you think?

Yeah, I think I remember when those six months of age and I said to me like you just kinda started on solids and he was started waiting on the Beach. Really grizzly during the day and you said, I thought about it and I think you need to increase solid intake, so I did gave him those three full meals. We dessert a day and then you started sleeping better and again we're going kinda through the same thing at the moment where I wasn't giving him enough protein and so you know, I wasn't giving him like you know enough meat sort of at dinner time.

Yeah, things are gonna sustain discount another. It's like how can you know any increase in solids versus milk? I always did it earlier around three and a half four months because that's what I do eleepy I was a baby. You just follow you you follow your baby.